About Us

Mission Statement:

To deliver an unrivalled level of football coverage in Victoria, with timely & quality content the cornerstone of our project. To further our brand, while also staying true to our vision of pushing through young writers to take the next step in the industry.


In 2013, having just graduated university and looking for employment opportunities, founder Zee Ko saw a growing trend for up-and-coming journalists to contribute their work to a small or independent publication, showcasing their skills to attract the attention of larger organisations.

He decided that Victorian football at grassroots level, which went mostly unreported by mainstream media, would be a good place to start out. He believed there’d be more to gain from writing for his own site, rather than supplying pieces to many scattered publications that adopted a ‘top-down structure’, asking for submissions but not providing any feedback in return.

The Corner Flag was seen as an opportunity to showcase the ability of the young writers in the state, build their credentials, make connections and work towards media accreditation. That opportunity was offered to a pool of journalists similarly invested in the sport and the region to build their portfolio, but at the same time work together to develop a real sense of teamwork and camaraderie. In turn, these guys would then give the most participated – yet unreported – sport in Victoria and Australia a proper voice.

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Contact Information

We’re always on the lookout for new contributors to work closely with us on the site and help invest in the future of football in Victoria. If you share the same passion for football or writing that we do, then this may just be the thing for you.

If you’re looking for a start in the industry, we have helped many people gain a foot in the door of sports journalism and help build the right set of contacts within the community.

To get in touch with TCF regarding writing for us, story ideas or any general enquiries, don’t hesitate to drop a line at info@cornerflag.com.au.

You can also contact our editors directly on:
Mark Gojszyk: markgojszyk@gmail.com
Jordan Lim: jordanlim1994@hotmail.com

Alternatively, you can also send a message on social media via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


TCF Team

TCF is an ambitious publication run by aspiring journalists looking to gain experience in football media, with a fervent passion for the round ball game at grassroots and national level. As such, it was always an aim to get the site to not only progress as an entity of its own, but to also further the careers of our staff in the progress. We’ve seen staff move forward into key full-time roles in the media management at organisations such as the FFV, Melbourne Victory W-League, FourFourTwo and the Bentleigh Greens to name a few.

The main aim was always to recruit a team with the vision to build upon TCF’s foundations, and keep progressing the site regardless of the departure of anyone involved. In doing so, we developed a team in which members deeply are involved as a close-knit unit to know the in’s and out’s of the site, able to carry on in someone’s absence.

The current core team, along with other part-time contributors, is an enthusiastic group of writers and photographers keen on progressing their personal development, in turn ensuring the quality of work best reflects their abilities.


Mark Gojszyk – Chief of Staff

Jordan Lim – Chief Editor

Damir Kulas – Chief Football Writer

Skip Fulton – Editor

Matt Johnson – Photographer

Marc Sudholz – Contributor/Match Reporter

Andrew Bishara – Contributor

James Szabo – Contributor

Cameron Osterlund – Match Reporter

Jason Turner – Match Reporter

Michael Alesich – Match Reporter/Graphic Design