Off the pitch: Juso Julardzija and Anthony Boras’ F45 Training

by Josip Hercog 0

Images: F45 Training Caroline Springs

Juso Julardzija and Anthony Boras are taking a turn in their football careers. Alongside playing, the two have paired up to open a new F45 Training complex in Caroline Springs, Julardzija assuming the position of Club Manager and Boras being the Head Trainer.

The pair, who ply their trade on the pitch with North Geelong Warriors (NPL) and Cairnlea (SL2) respectively, have taken the initiative to incorporate indoor training with the current football season.

With winter near, F45 Training provide teams the chance to continue their high-performance training even when pitches are flooded, allowing teams to gain that edge on opponents going into their upcoming matches.

Julardzija played all his junior football at Beenleigh (QLD), working his way all the way up the ranks to the senior team, winning the golden boot and best and fairest at 20 years of age. Since then, Julardzija has spent time at Redlands United (QLD), Altona Magic, St Albans Saints, Sunshine George Cross and most recently North Geelong Warriors.

Last season, North Geelong Warriors finished second in NPL2 West under St Albans Saints. Julardzija re-joined the Warriors mid-way through the season after a brief stint with Sunshine George Cross. After defeating Dandenong Thunder and Richmond (playoff games which Julardzija appeared in) the Warriors secured promotion back into the top tier of Victorian football.

Boras spent the last five years playing for St Albans Saints (including a brief stint at Sunbury United). He joined as a senior player in 2012 from Melbourne Knights. He quickly broke into the first team under Micky Colina, gaining experience and knowledge at a prominent level.

Last year Boras was part of the Saints’ championship winning squad which was awarded promotion into this year’s NPL. However, due to work commitments, Boras decided to join Cairnlea in their charge for promotion back to State League 1 this season.

(First Image: Door opens this Saturday, 29th April | Second Image: Julardzija and Boras are 2nd and 3rd from the left, respectively)

How did the idea come up?
Julardzija: Last year after suffering an operation, I needed to find a way to get my fitness back and my wife told me to go and try F45 Training. So, as every great husband does… I did.

Boras: Juso came to me with the idea and his ambitions to open an F45 Training complex in Caroline Springs. I’m a qualified exercise scientist so the opportunity saw me quickly jump on board.

How will F45 help footballers?
Julardzija: We have so many different types of classes that we implement specifically to what the coaches want from us, such as increasing players’ strength or speed, improving flexibility or even just building fitness within the squad.

Boras: Not only does it provide a high level of conditioning for different aspects of football such as strength, anaerobic capacity, power, speed and agility, but many of the exercises can be directly correlated with the movements and needs of a football player.

How much interest has been shown so far?
Julardzija: We have been in contact with a number of clubs extending past the NPL, all the way through to State League 4. Alongside that, other codes have also enquired as well.

Boras: Huge! We have been swamped with messages and enquiries over the last couple of weeks as we near our opening day.

What separates F45 from the likes of Goodlife, Anytime Fitness, Fernwood and the others who tend to dominate in the West?
Julardzija: F45 Training is all about team work, we focus on team building components character building, communication and getting through the workout together. If someone doesn’t pull their weight just like in a game, the whole team gets punished… well, in our eyes rewarded with more work.

Boras: I’d have to say the intensity of training. It’s a group personal training environment, suitable for any fitness level or goal. We aim to get the best out of each individual, whilst providing a safe, fun and challenging training experience.

How can people get involved?
Julardzija: All teams need to do is send us an email on to find out more info and book in a session.

Boras: By coming down for a FREE 7-day trial and experiencing what F45 Caroline Springs is all about! Find us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with everything that is happening.