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Are you getting ready for preseason training? Are your muscles strong enough to handle the demands of training loads you will put them under?

Players of all levels will often break down during pre-season training due to inadequate strength, endurance and power capabilities of their leg muscles. This concept is not new, but how do you find out if you are indeed strong enough and your muscles have enough capacity to deal with the training loads?

La Trobe University and their team of researchers are investigating the strength and performance capabilities of Victorian football players. Players are provided with an extensive series of tests that enable the La Trobe team to evaluate strength, endurance and power producing capacities. Players will be provided with a detailed understanding of how they compare to elite level players from European leagues. Additionally players will be provided with a program to improve any problem areas identified during the testing process.


The testing process is free for all suitable players, both male and female. To be suitable for testing you need to be:

  • Aiming to play football in the 2017 season
  • Aged between 18 to 50
  • No history of knee, leg or spinal surgery, or currently have an ongoing lower limb injury
  • Be prepared to come in for two testing sessions (two-three hours in total)

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting project or you feel your club would be interested in getting involved please contact us at:

Josh Heerey: or 0419 508 647